About Us


The Factories: Plant One and Plant Two, Eudunda: Production facilities comprise two separately located workshops totalling 2500 square metres and 1425 square metres respectively, complete with a number of 10 tonne, 6 tonne, 2 tonne and 1 tonne overhead cranes, supplemented by additional lifting equipment including large heavy duty forklifts and  standard 2.5 -3.5 tonne forklifts.


Machine Shop:

  • Turning Lathes - CNC lathe, 200mm swing x 500 mm between centres.
    • 4 assorted centre lathes, up to 1000mm swing and 5000mm between centres and 4000kg loading
  • Milling machines – 3 machines up to 1800mm length, 1000mm width,1000mm height
  • Horizontal Borer – 1200mm length, 1200mm width x 1000mm height, capable of a 2000kg load.
  • Radial arm drills – 1000mm radius x 600mm high x 65mm dia.
  • Internal keyway broaching 16mm Cap


Fabrication Shop:

  • Beam Press – up to 200 tonne x 3700mm in length
  • Inclinable press – up to 100 tonne
  • Guillotine – 3600mm wide by 3mm thick
  • Guillotine – 3600mm wide by 6mm thick
  • 3 head electronic eye profiler cutter, 6000mm x 3200mm table, able to cut up to 150mm plate
  • Plasma cutting
  • Plate rolls – assorted machines including rolls up to 3200mm width x 12mm thickness.
  • TIG, MIG and Sub Arc welding machines.      
  • Assembly Bays
  • Testing Bay facilities – Hydrostatic, air, pressure and vacuum relief of pressure manhole covers.
  • Paint Shop – 14mt long x 7mt wide x 4.2mt high with fibre filter and extraction fans


Manufacturing Capability

  • Plate Rolling
    • Current capacity 50mm plate x 100mm wide
    • Horizontal roll- 12 mm plate at 3200mm sheet
  • Presses
    • Two post press – 100 tonne
    • Beam press – 200 tonne
  • Flanging/ Forming – up to 3462mm diameter tank ends (12mm thick)
  • Manipulators/Rotators  
    • Multiple sets to 20 tonne    
    • Six axis manipulator to 1 tonne
  • Welding  
    • Subarc booms to 600 amp  
    • Flux cored wire to 500 amp  
    • Pulse MIG and TIG (CDT) 450 amp
  • Additional  
    • Surface treatment (grit blasting).  
    • Extensive knowledge of hydraulic drives and systems
    • Extensive use of specialised external sources, as determined for specific projects, such as profile, rolling , machining  etc allowing for expanded capabilities  
  • Products 
    • 500 litre up to 160000 litre mild steel storage tanks (including on ground, overhead  and  vertical, painted and unpainted)  
    • Truck mounted service tank modules, and water tanks  
    • Stainless steel tanks (IBC’s up to 6000 litres for aviation fuel , chemical storage etc for the mining and petroleum industry)  
    • Grease Bin storage tanks, 500 litre to 20000 litres  
    • Complete Hay Press Plants (including individual stand alone units)  
    • Select agricultural equipment, ( bale feeders, draper front augers, land rollers, hay conditioners)  
    • Road rollers, combination rollers
    • General Engineering including repair and servicing of heavy equipment
    • Buschutz Engineering  no longer is involved in the production of Carbon  and Stainless Steel Tanks, IBC's or Grease Bins.