Blending System

  • Most processors see blending as a distinct advantage of the Buschutz Engineering Hay Press Plant System
  • It includes a 12 bale (2 X 6 bales) Teaser Bed with 2 independent drive chains.
  • The Teaser head has 4 rotors with a combination of helically mounted mower blades, pegs and battens.
  • The drive for the head is a reliable 63mm polychain
  • Fitted to the output is a Stone Removal system that uses a vibrating screen system.
Buschutz Engineering have made a number of these Teaser Bed and Head combinations. Some of them are even fitted to other competitor’s machines. Buschutz Engineering is always happy to supply these units tospacer-5pxgreyensure a consitent flow of product reaches these machines.