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"Cereal Killer"™ Hay Conditioner

"Cereal Killer"™ Hay Conditioner

As a result of over 3 years of successfully field testing a prototype hay conditioner unit Buschutz Engineering has re-entered the hay conditioning equipment market with its completely new, smaller, more versatile and robust unit called the "Cereal Killer"™. The machine is designed to get the cut hay, off the ground quicker, reducing the risk of weather damage, and allowing for freeing up of paddocks for stock use.


Results from processing oaten hay in ideal conditions have had the crop cured in 4 days after "squashing" (compared to 2 weeks if not squashed) and in averaged conditions, cured in 7 days after squashing ( compared to 3 weeks if not squashed). Crops crushed were oats, wheat and vetch with all recording an excellent finished product result. The hay quality retained its colour and structure. The hay bales were found to press and weigh well. Both Hay Exporters and Dairy Farmers were extremely positive in their feedback on the product presentation.


The "Cereal Killer"™ travels at a max speed of 16 kph. The machine is easy to set up and is low maintenance. Greasing of set points is recommended at 12 hourly intervals during use. The hydraulic driven pick up is designed to float over the ground, and for speed variation. This speed variation allows for adjustment for crop density and load onto the rollers to maximise machine performance. The hay feeds from the pick up into the conditioning rollers which recondition the product whilst also increasing the speed and positioning the product, allowing for an even feed to the squasher rollers. The squasher rollers transfer the moisture from the inside of the stork to the outside, allowing the rapid drying process. Pressure can be controlled between the squashing rollers to manipulate the extent of the moisture removal from the hay. Both rollers travel at the same speed to minimise hay damage.


The timing of when to squash is important. Ideal to average conditions is recommended. Paddocks should be rolled or level to minimize dirt pick up prior to using the "Cereal Killer"™. A 100-150 HP tractor is required for optimum performance.

  • New compact, versatile and robust design.
  • "Cereal Killer"™ aids the rapid drying process allowing for quicker baling.
  • "Cereal Killer"™ reduces the risk of weather damage to the cut product.
  • "Cereal Killer"™ allows hay to retain colour and structure.
  • "Cereal Killer"™ improved pick up, "floats" over ground.
  • Speed variation allows for maximising machine performance.


"Cereal Killer"™ Hay Conditioner


"Cereal Killer"™ Hay Conditioner



Draper Front Auger



The Buschutz Engineering designed front augers.


  • Enables easy reaping of Kas peas, Canola and other flow restricted varieties of grain product.
  • Manufactured to suit most types of Draper Fronts platforms.
  • Separate Hydraulic drive motor c/w prince valve.
  • Clamp style mounts (no welding to beam).
  • Center universal joints to allow for flexing.
  • Centre removable paddles to aid in better through put on certain grain product.
  • Easy to install.
  • Robust construction.


The Buschutz Engineering Draper Front Augers are available in 30', 35', 36', 40' 42', and 45' sizes to suit certain models of John Deere, Midwest, Honeybee and Case/Macdon.





Cotton Reel "Vee" Rake Companion

Buschutz Engineering Cotton Reel "Vee" Rake Companion.


  • Hitch raises up to attach to rear frame of Rake.
  • Larger Rakes can be adjusted out to pull 4 wind rows.
  • Reel can be adjusted as desired to produce flat even "footpath" type wind row.
  • Tractor can clear rows easily.
  • Dense, even feed produces tighter and denser bales.
  • Less rows in field means bales are closer together for faster retrieval.

Cotton Reel "Vee" Rake Companion