Industrial Baler

A big part of the reason why Buschutz Engineering HPP bales present so well.

  • It includes a huge dual output Heston gearbox out of a field baler.
  • The gearbox is direct coupled to a hydraulic motor / flywheel combination.
  • The gearbox is mounted on capped cradle mounts that allow for complete removal in minutes.
  • The plunger is mounted with external rollers and rails
  • The pick-up is hydraulically raised and lowered for service and knife adjustment.
  • The whole top of the baler opens up hydraulically to allow for easy plunger access or removal.
  • Feeding is positive due to the inclusion of a topside conveyor and a rotary feeder drum that is attached to the pick-up.
Buschutz Engineering have a number of Balers located in various plants around Australia but this new Baler is by far the smoothest running and easiest to maintain. It becomes the logical replacement choice.