Infeed and Press


  • Buschutz Engineering have made presses in this proven design for years.  The focus is now on making the system as maintenance friendly as possible.
  • Buschutz Engineering tested press Infeed features a Mouse which feeds the product onto a weigh table, a guillotine, precompression and transfer doors.
  • The Press itself features 70MM Wall Plates – over 50T in weight (with no Infeed or Eject attached)
  • The Main ram is mounted with adjacent rails and removal mechanism.
  • Floor is collapsible and can be removed in minutes.  It is a capped pin design, to allow for easy disassembly.  Each bearing is independently greased and plumbed to a central point.
  • The whole chamber is lined with 30mm liners. Even the Baler (including the Pick-up), Mouse and Multi-bale system are lined.   
  • The exit door can be removed out of the top of the press.

On other competitor’s unlined press, the main press floor and roof usually have to be replaced after 3 years due to wear. Unlined chambers “gum up” on high grade hay, requiring manual cleaning every couple of hours.


Multi Bale Walkway