Land Rollers

Buschutz Engineering Vertical Land Roller, ideal seeding companion.


  • Sturdy abd robust frames, c/w outside roller wire guides.
  • 12mm thick pipe drums c/w heavy duty bearings.
  • Hydraulic fold c/w ram stability supports.
    Raising and lowering controlled from tractor cab.
  • Mounted on HD Landcruiser huns and wheels.
  • Meets legal height limit when transporting.
  • Fully dismountable.
  • Available as a 30' to 40' models.

Buschutz Engineering Land Roller


Horizontal Towing Landroller


Farmers if you have difficulty with the Road Transport Authority on towing over size Farm equipment on your roads

Buschutz Engineering has to the solution for you.  We have designed a 30’ Medium sized land Roller that folds down to under 2500mm wide and can be towed with a Land cruiser type vehicle or a Light truck, at a good highway speed and has a unique folding system.


Specs on 30’ narrow tow Roller

  • Extra heavy sub frame C/W Doubling pads
  • 630 Degree x 12 mm Wall Rolls C/W 20mm ends C/W 50NB and 80NB Bungs to add water if required for those problems paddocks
  • Bolt in stub Axles for case of replacement if stubs get damaged
  • 60 Degree Heavy duty Double row cylinder Roller Pillow Block Bearings
  • Twin 4” Dia Hydraulic Cylinder for Quick easy folding from tractor cab
  • Unique Linkage system that activates the transport wheels in the one folding action
  • Heavy Duty Ball race turn table for swivelling the machine around into transport position
  • Hydraulic Ball Valve to a back Lines for transport
  • Ring feeder style hitch for truck hitch
  • All pivot points have hardened greaseable bushes


Because of the versatility in towing these units the idea of owning a roller in a syndicate could be worth considering.