Service and Support

Buschutz Engineering strives for an empathy with all customers it has supplied equipment to.  Commitment  to service and support are unquestionable and have been proven over a long time of  manufacture in this industry..

  • With a Buschutz Engineering Hay Press Plant system (HPP Series-2010), comes;
    • Local Australian service on all mechanical issues -hay processors are treated with special urgency.
    • Full 3D exploded view drawings
    • Complete Ladder logic and electrical schematic diagrams
    • Complete hydraulic circuit diagrams
    • Collaboration – an input into level of  stocking normal wear & tear spare parts.
      • The whole machine is designed in 3D in AutoCad and Solidworks
      • You can actually view the whole plant in detail in 3D before you buy it.

Not all competitors render open access to hydraulic circuit diagrams or ladder logic.
These are essential in rapidly responding to maintenance issues on either in a emergency or on a scheduled basis.