The next generation "HPP Series-2010" Hay Processing Plant System

  • Blending capability (Teaser)
  • Stone Removal System
  • Industrial Baler
  • In-Line (unmanned) Metal Detection and Removal
  • Mouse and Weigh Table Infeed
  • 720T Press
  • Multi-bale packaging system
    • Over 20 bale / pack combinations in the one machine<
  • Automatic Offal Reclaiming
  • Industry best bale presentation
  • 20T / hour capacity in all grades including straw (24T/hour peak rate)
  • Achieves container weights in a standard GP container (even in straw)
  • Requires only 560KW power usage for the whole plant
  • The HPP Series -2010 is manufactured in collaboration with selected hydraulic and electrical contractors.

Press Platform and Multi Bale